Dress Shirt Keeps You Cool With NASA Technology

Hard on the heels of our story about Empa’s self-cooled bulletproof vest comes word of a like-minded innovation back in the world of everyday clothing. The creation of MIT-derived startup Ministry of Supply, the new Apollo shirt taps NASA heat-regulation technology to keep its wearer comfortable and cool.

Massachusetts-based Ministry of Supply aims to create “the next generation of business wear,” in the company’s own words. Drawing upon a combined experience that includes space suit design at MIT, the company has been working on its shirts and proprietary fabric for the past eighteen months. Now, its new Apollo dress shirt features a special fabric blend that offers not just anti-microbial functionality and moisture-wicking construction, but also a way to keep the body at a more comfortable temperature using technology borrowed from space suits. With the ability to both absorb and release heat, the wrinkle-free shirt pulls heat away from the body during a hot walk outside, for example, but then can release it back again as the wearer returns to the air-conditioned indoors. The video below explains the premise in more detail: