"Launch with confidence"

Many of our inventor clients and some of our start-up clients (shame on them) try to pack there new products with too many features to start. We do our best to guide them towards launching their new product with some features that will make their product something that people would be happy with. Especially if this is a bootstrapped product! Your goal at this stage is to ship something that people are happy to give you money for as quickly as possible.

Even the products we develop at our own workshop, DesignWorks Studio, we treat as bootstrap products, because they are, and we make improvements as we use them and get customer feedback and new wants for the product. We try to start small and focused in our offering so that we can move new products to market quickly!

Would you like to launch your product with confidence. There are many good articles out there outlining how to launch a product but this article reinforces our approach to new product development!