At our company we follow a simple process we call 3-D's
  • Design 
  • Develop
  • Deliver
A perfect example of this philosophy was a project we got involved in with a start up company a little while ago.

We became part of a great development team that created an exciting new line of kitchen products. This consumer product called VacuWare was a vacuum system for the home that keeps food fresh longer! This product line was engineered magnificently and the design aesthetics really rocked.

So let's take a look!

Design [or disegno]: to render or outline


Early in this process we adhered to collaboration being key to realize the best approach for product development direction and this truly worked.

We began with this start up early on product conceptualizing so we were involved in ideation and illustrated numerous forms for the fresh station resulting in this fresh design.



Develop: to realize

One of our many tasks was to investigate and incorporate soft materials for the seals and wraps for cold storage, elastomers that could hold a seal at freezer temperatures. We went through numerous mechanical studies and system layouts for the VacuWare fresh station, hand pump and jar lid components and assemblies using SolidWorks parametric software.


Test and re-test and iterate again and again with crude setups to understand material limitations and insure the design directions were correct and the designs were robust.

We oversaw and initiated many iterations of rapid prototypes to review form & function and De-bug design issues.


Deliver: to execute

After the engineering drawing packages were created and checked and double checked, the tooling complete, we went through a study to see where we could reduce cost and increase margins.


 As we like to say; Connecting Art to Part