Pantone - How Color is Forecasted

In the design world, color is a mischievous creature, changing hues with every season quicker than a chameleon can blend in with its surroundings. Every year, certain colors are named as being the top colors of the season, with little rhyme or reason as explanation. Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Pantone is an American color forecasting company based in Carlstadt, NJ. While an American company, the forecasting board is made up of numerous people throughout the globe, in the design industry as well as culinary, education, business, and more. Pantone proves that while color drives design, color inspiration comes from life itself. 

Slate Magazine recently featured a great article about a visit to the Pantone HQ, and what goes on behind closed doors. Click here to read the full article and hear how Pantone turns color into trend!