The Machine

Last year we told you about our new 3 in one Machine from BOXZY . The 3-D printing machine has really transformed the way we prototype. Do not get me wrong, we have been using 3-D printing, like forever. But having one in-house really improves the process and flow of ideas. 

Like anything getting familiar with the machine and settings is a process. Some of our initial prints came out so-so, but they are getting better!

This is a pretty big part and took about 20 hours to print!

Just recently I needed to figure out a problem on a project I have been working on. CAD alone was not going to solve this one so for one part of the project I needed to iterate until I had a workable solution.

In one day between CAD and the 3-D printer the prototype, last one on the right solved the problem. They may not look like much but they were adequate to test for fit and function.

After this iterative process I had the parts machined out of Delrin and then assembled into the final prototype! The project is so new, not allowed to show final product, yet!