DesignWorks Studio

DesignWorks Studio introduces the Nautical Winch Cable Key-Ring

Now you can organize your keys on the fly for a night out on the town or for your summer cottage or a quick spin on the boat.


Check out our new addition at DesignWorks Studio Shop! We hope that you enjoy our new Cable Key-ring!

Where does your passion and inspiration come from? One of my enjoyments is sailing. 

Every day in our mechanical work we are guided by the simple approach of form following function so we are acutely aware of the art of engineering in everything we do! This is my passion and many of my product idea inspirations comes from sailing and it's surroundings. 

Our new Winch cable key-ring has put a new spin on the definition of a winch.

A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in or let out or otherwise adjust the tension of a line or cable. Take a look at some vintage style winches.