Premium Underwear Made in the U.S.A.

Manufacturing is starting to come back to the USA. Not all of it, and not even a lot of it. However, it only takes a trickle to turn into a stream, and then a river.

Seeing instances of garment manufacturing being brought back to the US brings shivers to my spine. The USA used to be a hub for well-crafted garments until Asia took over in the mass-production of labor and the development of newer technologies. America just couldn't keep up. However, the fashion trends are now pointing to buying less, but buying quality. Manufacturing garments can move back to America because while we may not be able to produce incredible volumes of product, we can produce small(er) batches with exceptional quality.

Case in point: Flint and Tinder, a premium men's underwear company owned by Jake Bronstein. The line is entirely made in the USA. While Bronstein has no intention of using the "Made in America" line as a marketing ploy, he does want to stress to consumers that he is making a premium product here in the States that is better than its foreign counterparts.

Fast Company has a great interview with Bronstein about Flint and Tinder here.