Bike Expands To Fit Child's Growth Spurts

Grow is a line of children’s bicycles created by industrial designer Alex Fernandez Camps for Orbea, a cycling company based in Spain. Even though most traditional bikes allow for height adjustable seats and handlebars, the frames remain fixed, which leaves many kids riding bicycles that are either too large or too small during their periodic growth spurts.

Having an appropriate frame-size protects against unnecessary strain and discomfort to a rider’s body. By incorporating an adjustable frame into the design, Grow bikes can last a child around 5 years worth of growth while ensuring a healthy fit.  This focus on the longterm also eases financial stress on families who may have otherwise bought twice as many bicycles, as well as the environmental concerns of bikes becoming useless once outgrown.

The four models of Orbea Grow bicycle are meant to carry a child throughout their development. The Grow 0 is a balance bike for toddlers ages 1.5-4 or between 78-105cm (2’6″-3’5″), depending on which level of ‘growth’ has been set.

Two mid-level bikes, the Grow 1 & 2, should be great vehicles for kids between 2.5-9 years or between 90-135cm (2’11″-4’5″).

The upcoming Grow 3 will be meant for children around 8-14 years or 130-165 cm (4’3″-5’4″) after which point a final growth spurt would presumably leave them ready to invest in a full-sized bicycle.