Trying out your idea

If you don’t think you can put in the time and energy to bring your idea to fruition, don’t bother. It takes passion and work to go forward with an idea. It also takes being in the moment, focus!

Not discouraged.

So you’ve got a creative idea that you think might be worth pursuing, but you’re just not sure. Before you spend more time and money to see if your idea has legs give it a test. There is some good information out there on how to test out your idea and one example that has allot of buzz around it is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It may be an easy way to get started, build momentum, and keep that momentum. 

Eric Ries, an entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup, explains:

The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

But what are you really trying to do? At this point you are looking for insight, ways to minimize problems and build your confidence to move ahead, or not. To do this, you will need to reach out to more than your family and friends, people who will use your product. 

Today there are many efficient ways get feed back on your product idea; A video, blog post, sign-up form. Publish a face book add or engage in a Kickstarter campaign. Use one or a combination of these methods and shortly discover whether your idea has legs!

Act on frustrations and persevere. Set out to solve a problem that frustrates you, and stay focused on it through the inevitable failures and setbacks. James Dyson