A good idea

Have you ever wondered how many good workable ideas are lost before you have had a chance to jot them down! I venture to say, plenty. Do you have a simple process that you or a team can use to capture ideas before they elude you forever?

Many years ago I was introduced to the idea of a Bug list, just a very simple way to be creative and capture your ideas throughout the day. I always carry a note pad or I phone with me so if I see or experience something that really bugs me I can write it down, email or leave myself a voice message before it disappears!

Stan Weston didn't come up with the newest newest new thing. All he did was combine the simplest concepts and made something that millions of kids loved.

THIS IS the critical thing he said that defined his success:

"Truly groundbreaking ideas are rare, but you don’t necessarily need one to make a career out of creativity. My definition of creativity is the logical combination of two or more existing elements that result in a new concept. The best way to make a living with your imagination is to develop innovative applications, not imagine completely new concepts.”
That's it. Make two lists of what people love. Combine them. Have fun.
Do it every day (exercise. Practice makes progress. Progress makes permanent.)
Pick the best idea. Make billions. Help millions. Make people happy.

Looking over your ideas, is there one or several that can be combined to create a product or process. Maybe you need to let your ideas gel for a while before you pick several to pursue further.

This simple method of keeping ideas together can be used for coming up with new products, manufacturing process, marketing programs etc...