Sakonnet DesignWorks has more than 20 years of Product Development experience!

The original shopping cart vest keeps children seated to prevent falls from shopping carts.

Kaitlyn from Lamb & Lou collaborated with Sakonnet DesignWorks to develop a shopping cart vest from a crude prototype to a functional pre-production prototype.


Kaitlyn like many parents has struggled with the dangerous risks involved with children and shopping carts. A data study conducted by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that from 1990 to 2011, there were 530,494 children treated at U.S. emergency departments for shopping cart related injuries: That’s over 24,000 children annually, i.e. 66 children per day.


The idea was born a few years ago after a stressful and unsuccessful shopping trip where Kaitelyn's oldest child climbed out of the cart and nearly fell. There wasn't a product on the market so she invented one. So much thought and time went into the details of the vest. Besides safety, there also has to be practicality and function! A product that helps parents keep their children safe and secure in shopping cart seats. Kaitlyn quickly turned to Sakonnet DesignWorks to reduce risk and develop a functional and durable zip on vest with straps that clips onto any ordinary shopping cart.

Why Sakonnet DesignWorks?

Kaitlyn from Lamb & Lou elicited Sakonnet DesignWorks expertise in:

  • Concept Generation

  • Design

  • Soft Goods expertise

  • Pre-Production Prototype Development

  • Network of manufacturers


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