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The original under water vehicle was very limited in its payload capabilities.

Aquabotix collaborated with Sakonnet DesignWorks to develop an underwater vehicle that could increase its payload based on the demands of the mission.


Aquabotix had invested heavily on tooling for the plastic bodies that made up the Hydroview sport. At the time they were a young startup and looking for ways to increase their payload capabilities using there existing bodies without spending too much cash.


The idea was born a few years ago after a successful launch of the HydroView sport, an underwater camera system. To grow the company, other underwater revenue streams needed to be tapped into, and in order to do that the vehicle platform also needed to grow. Aquabotix turned to Sakonnet DesignWorks to reduce risk and develop a functional platform that could be expanded as needed for each new mission.

Why Sakonnet DesignWorks?

Aquabotix engaged Sakonnet DesignWorks expertise in:

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Development & Integration

  • Detailed Drawings & Assemblies for Manufacture

Aquabotix Payloads.jpg

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