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Under water vehicles in general have a very limited camera viewing area.

Aquabotix collaborated with Sakonnet DesignWorks to develop an underwater module that could attach to the body of the underwater vehicle anywhere to allow a camera to rotate freely for a panoramic viewing area.


Most underwater vehicles use the front dome to house a camera. This limits the viewing capabilities to look forward only. Some camera systems can view forward, up & down partially.


The idea was born a few years ago after a successful launch of the HydroView, an underwater camera system. At the time the camera viewing area was limited to looking forward only. Aquabotix turned to Sakonnet DesignWorks to reduce risk and develop a pan & tilt function so the camera could look forward, up & down. This worked so well we found a solution to add a camera outside the vehicle where it could rotate 360°, pan & tilt. This had not been done in the industry so a patent was filed and awarded!

Why Sakonnet DesignWorks?

Aquabotix engaged Sakonnet DesignWorks expertise in:

  • Conceptual Development

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Prototyping

  • Development & Integration

  • Detailed Drawings & Assemblies for Manufacture

  • Patent Drawings


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